Watson + Fox Searchlight + The Grand Budapest Hotel

Companion to "The Grand Budapest Hotel", structured as a course syllabus for the Zubrowka Akademie. The site was designed with specific attention to the time period, featuring viewing elements of a microfiche machine such as a viewing lens loader and a navigational wheel to move through the digital "slides". Each slide includes multiple layers of discoverable content, including copy created in direct collaboration with Wes himself, character pages reminiscent of hand-coloured photographs, and images and video clips pulled directly from the film. Combined, these elements form an in-depth crash course on the industry, art, and local government of the Republic of Zubrowka.

Chief creative director: Fernando Ramirez
Creative director: Hleb Marholin
Writer: Wes Anderson
Copywriter: Tatiana Kalba
Developers: Jamie Green, David Robbins
Content Director: Ryan Shelton
Producer: Jordan Cuddy

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