The Grand Budapest Hotel is a comedy film written and directed by Wes Anderson exploring themes of loyalty, art and culture during unstable times in fictional Republic of Zubrowka.

In this supplemental school syllabus microfiche created in direct collaboration with Wes himself fans can discover facts from the history of the country and observe important artefacts of the Era and follow Author's handwritten notes to explore his memories through the hand drawn character pages.

Agency — Watson;
Client — FOX Searchlight;
Property — The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Behance — Featured;
Clio — Grand;
Communication Arts — Pick of the Week;
The Digital Age — Featured;
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Chief Creative Director — Fernando Ramires;
Creative & Art Director — Hleb Marholin;
Writer — Wes Anderson;
Copywriter — Tatiana Kalba; 
Developers — Jamie Green, David Robbins;
Content Director — Ryan Shelton;
Producer — Jordan Cuddy.