Watson + A24 + The Disaster Artist

This campaign for The Disaster Artist strayed slightly from the so-bad-it’s-good reputation of The Room, and instead was a celebration of friendship and dreams. This is at James Franco’s embodiment of Tommy’s spirit—original, enthusiastic, unpredictable, and uh, entertaining. The film’s official site took the shape of Tommy’s Planet, showcasing the film’s cultural relevance in the form of reviews, fan content, social posts and other creative content - all positioning through Tommy-colored-lenses.

Chief creative director: Fernando Ramirez
Creative director: Hleb Marholin
Copywriters: Madison Palasini, Arin Delaney
Developers: Baptiste Briel, Raoul Gaillard
WebGL developer: Haihang Du
Video editor: Garett Gioia
Designer: Marvin Schwaibold
Producer: Sam Schulz

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