Army Man

Swiss Army Man is a comedy-drama adventure film where a man stranded on deserted island develops friendship with Manny (the dead body washed ashore) and discovers that he can manipulate the cadaver like a multi-purpose tool that will help him find a way home.

And now Manny is here to rescue you! Drag him, drop him discover all the special things he can do. You can even become his best buddy over SMS. Make sure to watch out for excessive gasses.

Agency — Watson;
Client — A24;

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Clio — Gold & Silver.

Chief Creative Director — Fernando Ramires;
Creative & Art Director — Hleb Marholin;
Copywriter & Strategist — Arin Delaney;
Desktop & Mobile Developer — Florian Morel;
WebGL Developer — John Iacoviello;
CG artist — Alex Hsu;
Content director — Ryan Shelton;
Producer — Greg Meltzer.